NISA Nation Announces Club de Lyon to Join Florida Region

Published Mar 31, 2022

ORLANDO (March 31, 2022) - NISA Nation has announced that Club de Lyon as the next club to join the Florida Region for its inaugural spring season. The Lions will be one of five clubs competing in the region - and one of two clubs representing the greater Orlando area.

“The club's expectations for this spring season are to participate with a spirit of cooperation, form a good group of athletes and collaborators, learn and correct mistakes to perfect our structure with a view to the Independent cup and be a benchmark of professional capacity for NISA in Florida,” says Fabian Pourrain, club owner and CEO. “Going into NISA Nations we will engage our expertise to advance research, educate, and serve the community.”

Much like the Florida Region they will be participating in, Club de Lyon also are very new. This upcoming season will be their second in existence. Being such a young team, they put a lot of reliance on the ideals and beliefs that make them who they are.

“Club de Lyon has four pillars – research, education, service, and community outreach,” says Pourrain. “Athletes are revered more than ever in today’s media-focused world. The influence athletes hold by virtue of their status gives them a unique power to impact public attitudes and actions.What makes the Club de Lyon special is our multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to sports, research, and service.”

Club de Lyon will play their first match against Winter Haven United FC at Feltrix Sports Complex on April 2nd.

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