Battleborn FC Joins NISA Nation

Published Apr 26, 2022

CARSON CITY, Nev. (April 26, 2022) - NISA Nation announced that the newest club to be joining the Pacific Region will be BattleBorn FC out of Northern Nevada. The club will join three others for the Region’s inaugural spring season.

BattleBorn FC is more than a soccer team or sport club.

"We are the region’s first soccer community,” says Sports Coordinator Andrew Robles. “Our goal is to have the best men's team in our region and represent it well. We want to continue to be a stepping stone for the top athletes in our area.”

BattleBorn FC was founded in 2021 and competed in the UPSL and the US Open Cup qaulifiers. They were founded with a deep respect for where it comes from - something that is integrated into every aspect of the club.

“The main thing that drives us is the love and passion this community has for soccer, as well as being the only club in the region that provides a true pathway [to pro],” says Robles. “We look forward to taking advantage of all the resources that come with being a NISA member.”

The Pacific Region’s inaugural schedule will be forthcoming.


About NISA Nation

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